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Jan 21, 2011

Photo Nuts have move to SimplyNess.Com

I've become so busy with work and SimplyNess.Com that I have moved some of the post here to my site. For more Photography Tips please visit SimplyNess.Com


Dec 13, 2010

Patterns and Textures in Macro

Look for shapes, lines and repeating elements, combining these will give you a great pattern and texture. See the close-up photo of the tree bark above, it has lines shapes and repeating elements all combine. When taking photo of a tree bark I look for the part that looks dry with a mold on the bark. This will add some dynamic range to your subject giving more detail texture.

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Dec 11, 2010

Final Touches with Topaz Adjust

A Photoshop plugin from Topaz Labs, it was design to run on versions of adobe photoshop cs3, cs4 and the latest, cs5. Topaz adjust can greatly enhance your final photograph by addig contrast, color and detail, topaz adjust can also create a pseudo HDR looking images from just a single jpg, tiff, or your camera’s native raw file, and I can say that it does it really good.


Dec 4, 2010

Giottos Rocket Air Blower / Blaster Cleaning Kit Review

The rocket blower and the brush is great in situation where you just need to blow dust out of the lens without wiping or touching the lens, perfect in dusty surroundings.

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Dec 2, 2010

EOS 5D MarkII and EOS 7D: Locking Mode Dial Modification

Thank you for using Canon products.
Effective December 6, 2010, Canon will start to provide as a chargeable service, a locking mode dial modification for the “EOS 5D MarkII” and “EOS 7D” digital single-lens reflex cameras.

This modification is available, for a fee, to owners of these cameras who would prefer a Mode Dial which locks in place and can’t be accidentally moved during normal camera operation.

For USA residents, the pricing of the locking mode dial modification service for EOS 5D Mark II and 7D cameras has been set at $100 per camera as of December, 2010. (Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.) For further details, see contact information for inquiries below.

Nov 27, 2010

Canon EOS Rebel T2i: Firmware Announcement 1.0.9

Thank you for using Canon products.
Canon has released a firmware update for the EOS Rebel T2i digital SLR camera.

Firmware Version 1.0.9 incorporates the following fixes.

Fixes a phenomenon in which tone jumps become noticeable in some images, depending on the shooting scene, when shooting with the Auto Lighting Optimizer settings (Low/Standard/Strong).
Affected Products
The EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera

Nov 26, 2010

Canon EOS 7D: Firmware Announcement 1.2.3

Affected Product
EOS 7D Digital SLR

Firmware Version 1.2.3 incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

Fixes a phenomenon in which the settings of the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 revert to the default settings when both the camera and the ST-E2 are set to auto power off.
Fixes a phenomenon in which the Macro Ring Lite (MR-14EX, MT-24EX) and slave flashes do not sync while shooting wirelessly.
The new firmware (Version 1.2.3) is now available for download from the following URL: